Impacts the following metrics:

  • Close deals faster
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Increase audit and compliance readiness
DocuSign eSignature: How it Works

Integrate the world's most popular eSignature solution with your Marketplace to expedite enterprise transactions. Remove roadblocks and get approvals at inflection points throughout the commercial process.

Comply to your enterprise customers' procurement processes

Leverage workflows built to socialize proposals and secure signature from the right people, in the right order.

Accelerate contracting to close deals faster

Share contracts and receive redlines through a platform that both parties are familiar with.

Ensure the accuracy of commercial terms

Reduce the risk of human error: feed pricing and product information from the Marketplace into commercial documents rather than relying on manual inputs.

Onboard partners into your ecosystem with peace of mind

Make legal liability a non-issue through robust audit trails for compliance and legal enforceability of your partner program Terms & Conditions.

AppDirect Connectors, powered by Elastic.IO

In partnership with Elastic.IO, AppDirect offers customers access to a low-code integration platform. Accelerate integration projects by as much as 80% through connectors for the most common enterprise applications across CRM, Marketing Automation and more.

DocuSign eSignature: How it Works