Impacts the following metrics:

  • Engage the right customers through behavior tracking
  • Easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns
  • Determine how marketing and channels impact revenue
Engagement Platform: Marketing Automation

Integrate Marketo with your Marketplace to accelerate customer acquisition. Attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns so your sales team can step in when they’re engaged and ready to close the deal.

Increase productivity through centralized lead management

Automatically update your system of record to capture leads coming in through your Marketplace. Build holistic scoring with a view to your entire portfolio of products to prioritize sales efforts.

Deliver personalized nurture content

Leverage browsing behaviour and Opportunity information in your Marketplace to deliver targeted messaging to prospects.

Drive intelligent cross-sell and upsell campaigns

Unify subscription information of all products in a single system to drive deeper customer understanding.

AppDirect Connectors, Powered by Elastic.IO

In partnership with Elastic.IO, AppDirect offers customers access to a low-code integration platform. Accelerate integration projects by as much as 80% through connectors for the most common enterprise applications across CRM, Marketing Automation and more.

Engagement Platform: Marketing Automation