Impacts the following metrics:

  • Increase conversion rates through personalized and relevant search
  • Increase average basket size by recommending apps that best fit your buyers’ needs
  • Increase time on site and repurchase rates thanks to higher customer satisfaction
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Coveo for AppDirect is the Ecommerce conversion engine driving the next era of frictionless marketplaces. Coveo improves catalog discovery and delivers relevant and personalized search results and recommendations to your customers.

AI-powered Search and Query Suggestions

Coveo proposes only relevant queries to buyers as they type in the search box and delivers the most accurate search results, helping customers find what they need faster.

Dynamic Navigation

Coveo automatically orders filters, values and categories to help customers drill down on their search results, enhancing product discovery and boosting conversions.

Personalized Recommendations

Deliver recommendations tailored to your buyers’ intent and based on insights gathered from across their journeys, such as previous purchases or complementary apps.

Automated Learning

Coveo optimizes relevance by auto-tuning results to the most meaningful content and recommendations. Machine Learning models are pre-built, continuously updated, easily deployable and allow business overrides.

Unified Customer Experience

Deliver a unified customer experience by integrating signals across all digital channels, data sources and systems and leverage data from CRM, PIM and shopper behaviour.

Actionable Analytics

Coveo Usage Analytics captures your buyers' behavior across touchpoints and devices and provides you with actionable insights that drive bottom-line performance.

Empowered Business Users

Manage all the business rules that your marketplace needs with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Coveo for B2B Ecommerce Demo
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Coveo for AppDirect datasheet