Impacts the following metrics:

  • Reduce IT and DevOps operational costs
  • Simplify your compliance effort
  • Increase audit-readiness for Legal teams
Cookie Consent & Website Scanning
End-User preference Center

Integrate OneTrust with you marketplace to keep your eCommerce activities compliant. OneTrust's configurable platform, backed by the expertise of a world-class privacy research team, makes it easy to respect regulatory requirements around GPDR and more.

End-User Preference Center

Allow visitors to granularly select which types of cookies and tracking technologies to enable and disable.

Customizable Cookie Consent Banners

OneTrust offers several UI options for both web and mobile. Drag and drop customizations or use advanced CSS editing to customize your organization's consent banner.

Compliance Reporting

OneTrust works with many regulators globally to understand compliance reporting expectations. Granular records of consent and audit trails are available on demand within the OneTrust platform.

Multilingual and Country-Specific Options

OneTrust can auto-detect the user's language settings. Leverage reverse IP lookup capabilities to automatically determine which country the visitor is from to display the appropriate consent notice for that country.

Cookie Consent & Website Scanning
End-User preference Center