Impacts the following metrics:

  • Increase accuracy of the sales tax you charge on transactions
  • Improve tax compliance
  • Improve remittance accuracy
What Avalara can do for your business
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Our cloud-based software delivers the latest sales and use tax calculations to your shopping cart or invoicing system while accounting for jurisdiction, laws and rules, and special circumstances like exemptions.

Keep up with rate changes at every address

Sales and use tax rates are complex and vary across jurisdictions, counties, states, and countries. AvaTax assesses rates based on geolocation, not ZIP code, so your customers are charged the right rates for their purchases.

Automatically apply differing tax rates

Special rates may apply for items based on materials, price point, or other factors that aren’t immediately obvious. AvaTax calculates the right rate for a variety of circumstances, including product-specific tax rates, shipping rules, and more.

Consolidate reports on sales tax liabilities and exemptions

Export data from multiple business systems to create reports on your transactions, liabilities, and tax exemptions. AvaTax reports can significantly reduce the effort and time it takes to prepare returns or address auditor needs.

Integrate with existing business systems

With over 700 prebuilt integrations and a robust API, AvaTax works with multiple systems across accounting, CRM and more so you get consistent, up-to-date information for all your teams.

Built by AppDirect

Avalara has a native integration into the AppDirect platform so you can start transacting in no time---simply enter your Avalara credentials and go!

What Avalara can do for your business
Simply enter your Avalara credentials.