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  • How are these solutions deployed? What does “included with your platform” mean?

    Deployment is unique to each solution. Some are available out-of-the-box with the AppDirect platform—these are indicated through the “included with your platform” tag—all you need to do is configure the integration. Other solutions may require some coding or professional services support, either from AppDirect or directly through the partner.

  • Am I buying these solutions and integrations through AppDirect?

    No, AppDirect’s technology partners program operates on a bring-your-own license model where we bring awareness to the partner solutions and integrations that add value to the platform. We suggest working with your account team to build a plan on how you’ll extend your platform. From there, we can connect you directly with our partners to better scope your needs.

  • I’d like to sell some of these solutions in my marketplace, how do I do that?

    The solutions available in the Add-On Store are designed to augment how you and your customers interact with your platform. Because they are meant to extend the functionality of your platform, they cannot be resold to customers. To see the products available for syndication in our network catalog, please connect with your account team.

  • The products in my marketplace are strictly referrals. Which partner solutions make sense for me?

    Although you may not be transacting online, optimizing the journey for buyers is critical for them to convert into referral business. To see which partner solutions are a good fit for referral marketplaces, select the “referral-only products” filter on the All products page.

  • I’d like to list my products in the Add-On Store for others to buy. How can I do that?

    The Add-On Store is home to partner solutions that help us deliver best of breed subscription commerce experiences to AppDirect customers. If you think your product is a good fit, you can sign up to become a technology partner.

    If you’d like your products to be resold by AppDirect customers, please contact our Digital Distribution team.

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