Impacts the following metrics:

  • Increase platform adoption
  • Reduce inbound support tickets
  • Increase customer NPS through better interactions
Cloud Learning Center

TeamFusion combines the power of guided training, social learning, and a centralized knowledge hub to deliver the next generation agent and reseller engagement experience.

Guided Learning Journeys

Increase agent and reseller engagement, retention, and sales productivity by providing an effective onboarding experience. TeamFusion enables you to easily configure, assign, and track training paths to help guide partners to early success.

Targeted Information Portals

In just a few minutes, create and deploy visually appealing portals with personalized information that helps improve agent understanding of available solutions and relevant sales and marketing strategies.

Self-Service Support

Save time and money on supporting agents and resellers with TeamFusion’s smart search that instantly provides users with the most relevant search results from all of your content in the language of their choice.

Contextual Surveys and Engagement Reports

Engage your agents and resellers with custom surveys and uncover insights into sentiment on content, vendors, and new product offerings.

Actionable Analytics

Leverage platform analytics to optimize agent and reseller management and sales efforts and gain understanding on content effectiveness.

Cloud Learning Center