Impacts the following metrics:

  • Improve partner NPS
  • Simplify your compliance effort
  • Increase touchless processing ratio of your payments
Stripe Connect

Send fast payouts to your sellers or other partner types, around the world. Whether you fund your payouts using payments accepted with Stripe or directly from your bank account, you can use our infrastructure to automate your payout workflows.

Pay recipients fast, even instantly

Improve your users’ experience by getting them paid as fast as the next business day. Or, use Instant Payouts to send funds to their bank account within minutes.

Automate payout workflows

Stop mailing physical checks, uploading spreadsheets, and juggling multiple payout providers. Use a single integration to automate hours of operational overhead and reduce opportunities for human error.

Simplify your compliance efforts

Paying out money involves ongoing maintenance to stay on top of evolving global compliance requirements. Stripe’s onboarding and verification processes can help your business stay compliant.

Pay out around the world

Accept payments and pay out funds to your users globally with a single integration. In the US, you can send payouts that aren’t tied to incoming transactions by adding funds from your bank account.

Built by AppDirect

Stripe has a native integration into the AppDirect platform so you can start transacting in no time---simply enter your merchant credentials and go!

Stripe Connect