Impacts the following metrics:

  • Grow subscription revenue and use analytics to add value to every aspect of the contract lifecycle
  • Reduce manual intervention, reconciliations and adjustments by as much as 90%
  • Automate revenue recognition, reducing close times by 50% and increasing staff productivity by 5x
Why Aptitude RevStream?
Revenue Dashboard
White Paper: The Role of Revenue Management

Aptitude RevStream provides companies with a secure, highly configurable solution for simplifying and automating the revenue management process, from contract capture to revenue recognition and reporting.

Drive Revenue Automation

Full automation of the end-to-end revenue lifecycle accelerates the speed of financial close, reducing risk while optimizing costs and resources.

Increase Revenue Insights

An intuitive platform for analysis and real-time reporting allows for easy to consume, multi-dimensional visualization of data and key KPIs to unlock valuable business insights and drive forward-looking planning.

Access Trusted Data, Faster

Centralize and standardize highly granular contract, billing, and accounting data for a trusted, enterprise-wide, single version of sales and revenue truth.

Reduce Reliance on IT

Finance users can quickly create and configure new business rules, update their product catalog, and adapt to business needs without the need for IT.

Flexibly Integrate with Surrounding Systems

Includes options such as secure file-based data (SFBD) with full encryption, RESTful Web APIs, browser upload, and pre-built connectors including Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS).

Enabling Business Agility

Highly configurable SaaS solution to scale with your business, support diverse business models, and allow for the rapid enablement of new offerings.

Why Aptitude RevStream?
Revenue Dashboard
White Paper: The Role of Revenue Management